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Nirvan Mudra Card

From the card deck “Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit” by Gertrud Hirschi

One of my yoga teachers lets us randomly select a card before class from a card deck called Mudras for Body, Mind and Spirit: The Handy Course in Yoga The teacher suggests that we set an intention based on the card. This week I picked the Nirvan Mudra card of longing and yearning. The back of the card had an interesting and complex description that I have been thinking about, especially the part about moving up the spiral.

My feelings of longing and yearning are usually for people and places from my past. For example, summers bring a yearning for my grandparents. I vividly remember staying at their house during the summer and going swimming at the town pool or in a nearby river. But I’m interpreting the card’s advice as not to dwell on the past but instead to focus on yearning for future events and even life beyond the present one.

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Yoga Candle

“Prayer is when you talk to God; Meditation is when you listen to God.” by Diana Robinson

I did a relaxing yin yoga class this morning with teacher Cristina at Southtown Yoga Loft and she recited this quote. My prayers are usually requests for something so this quote reminds me to also take time for quiet and gratitude.

I’ve been making personalized soy wax candles for friends and family. This candle for Cristina contains lemongrass essential oil. I infused the soy wax overnight with turmeric root powder for the cheerful yellow color. The square mason jar is from AAA Candle.