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Be Yourself

Willow City Loop, Fredericksburg, Texas April 2019
Photography by Debbie Sultemeier

This cheerful red flower in a sea of bluebonnets reminded me of the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull. The book was popular when I was about 10 years old. I remember absorbing a message from the book of being yourself and not conforming. I also liked going to the beach and watching the gulls fly, imagining one of them to be Jonathan.

A few days ago my husband and I drove the Willow City Loop between Fredericksburg and Llano in the Texas Hill Country. The multi-colored wildflowers, meandering creek and rocky hills were beautiful.

Willow City Loop, April 2019
Photography by Debbie Sultemeier

Sentinels of San Antonio

My husband has been on a quest to photograph the inanimate people that watch over San Antonio. He made this cool video from the photographs along with his description of the project:

Video of the “The Sentinels of San Antonio” photo series, which focuses on the stonework, statues and murals that watch over us, mute and unchanging, as the rest of the world careens into chaos… I based it on the popular “Humans of…” books, but I’m looking at inanimate objects instead. Part of the fun is guessing where the photo was taken – some are obvious, many are not. If you are Puro San Antonio, you can probably guess most of them…. The intentional spooky music is by one of my favorite Irish artists, Enya, including – “Cursum Perficio” “Wild Child” “After Ventus” “Tempus Vernum”

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Big Bend National Park Wildflowers

Big Bend National Park April 2019
Photography by Debbie Sultemeier

“Bloom where you are planted.” (Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales)

I made a quick trip with friends last week to Big Bend National Park to see the wildflowers. The flowers are especially impressive because the plants appear to be thriving in a very inhospitable environment. This trip was my first time seeing the Ocotillo plants blooming (picture below).

Big Bend National Park, April 2019
Photography by Debbie Sultemeier