Making Soap With Meraki

Meraki – a Greek word which in English means to do something with passion, love and undivided attention.

Photography by Debbie Sultemeier

Making soap has recently become my favorite passion project. Creating soap is creative and unpredictable. There seem to be an infinite number of ingredients that you can add to change the color, fragrance and texture. Soap is also useful and I can try out my creations every time I take a shower or wash my hands.

For Mother’s Day my daughter sent me the book Milk Soaps: 35 Skin-Nourishing Recipes for Making Milk-Enriched Soaps, from Goat to Almond by Anne-Marie Faiola and I’m very excited about trying out the techniques shown in the book. The soap pictured above is made using the Circling Taiwan Swirl technique shown in the Milk Soap book and on Ms. Faiola’s Soap Queen website.

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